November 17, 2023 - Annual Reports

2023 President’s Report

After many years of discussion and consultation, the Association of Maintenance Contractors of Canada (AMCC) was created with the formation of a Federal-not-for-Profit Corporation and the establishment of a Board of Directors in January 2023. This action was commenced in Alberta as the GPMA/NMA agreements were renegotiated and were shortly followed by the Saskatchewan GPMA contractors. The Association will be working with the other provinces through 2024 and 2025 to expand the membership.

Over 120 contracting companies perform work in Canada under the GPMC/NMC agreements in Alberta, Saskatchewan, Ontario, New Brunswick, Manitoba, Newfoundland, and Nova Scotia comprising approximately 23 million workforce hours in 2022.

An organization of this magnitude required a great deal of early, behind the scenes heavy lifting. Corporate legal and labour legal firms were retained to build appropriate and strong corporate bylaws, structures, and practices. Financial institutions and professional accountants were vetted, and relationships were established. 

Our hard work culminated with the Association’s inaugural AGM at NAIT on June 13, 2023.

2023 Achievements 

AMCC began the year strong with the formation of the Federal-not-for-Profit Corporation, the establishment of a Board of Directors, and the creation of bylaws in January.

AMCC continued to move at a fast pace to complete the following achievements that help to strengthen our organization and the industry for our members: 



What’s next for AMCC

As we look to the new year, AMCC plans to continue to refine our service offering for the maintenance industry and our members. As an organization, AMCC values our member companies’ resources and their trust in us. As such, we will continue to operate in an agile manner, listening to our members and providing services and support that our members ask for, while adding value to their operations.

Learning workshops will begin early next year for not only management but more importantly site leaders of our member companies. These sessions will educate site personnel on basic labour relations practices, maintenance agreement understandings and grievance avoidance. 

We will engage in two-way learning sessions with our owners and member companies to ensure effective collaboration aimed at achieving the common goals of labour stability and cost predictability.

We will also commence work to strategize with our member companies to organize bargaining for the 2025 GPMC/NMC Agreements.  This will truly be a first for our industry as we work together to ensure that we are best placed to offer exceptional service to our clients with a focus on creating simpler, more user-friendly agreements that will ensure that we are in line with market demands of the coming years.

Consistent with our business plan and commitment to provide value, we will continue to seek feedback from our members as we move forward with our plans for 2024.

This starts with a Members’ Meeting in December which we will follow with a detailed survey in January as we seek to create opportunities to learn from and create positive outcomes for our member companies.

Strong Leadership

Of course, AMCC was able to accomplish these tasks in 2023 thanks to all of those who came together behind the scenes in past years. Work began in 2021 when a steering committee was formed to develop a concept.  What began as a vision is now a reality. 

Without the dedicated leaders that lent their time and talents in past years, AMCC would not be in the solid position we are today. Because of their early efforts and the current work of the Board of Directors, maintenance contractors have an organization working to create strategic partnerships, support labour relations, interpret and influence policy and collaborate and improve the industrial maintenance community.

I offer our sincere gratitude to those on the original steering committee: