A unified voice for Canada’s leading unionized maintenance contractors

Supporting members, owners, workers and our industry partners

The Association of Maintenance Contractors of Canada is a group of maintenance contractors working with the GPMC/NMC Collective Agreements taking a collaborative approach to strengthen our industry.

Serving owners, contractors, unions, workers and our industry partners, we also offer a respected voice to discuss industry issues outside the collective bargaining process.

A Voice for all Maintenance Contractors

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What our industry is saying about AMCC

Matthew Lindberg

Dean, School of Skilled Trades, NAIT

Having an opportunity to connect with the members of the AMCC was invaluable, as I heard directly from representatives about the challenges and opportunities that exist in the ever-important talent pipeline.  As a stakeholder in apprenticeship, technology and trades related education, these conversations lead to changes required to support a diverse and resilient workforce.

Bob Blakely K.C Partner

Blakely + Dushenski Legal Counsel

The formation of the AMCC is the first step in achieving reliable, safe, and consistent capacity within the Canadian heavy industrial maintenance sphere. This first step ought to lead to industry-wide collaborations that produces best in class results and results that are second to none anywhere in the world!

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Robert Kucheran

Chair, Canada's Building Trades Unions

Canada's Building Trades Unions applauds the formation of the Association of Maintenance Contractors of Canada.  AMCC offers the heavy industrial maintenance community the unity required to build safe, productive, efficient and respectful workplaces poised to compete for talent nationally and to drive the sustainable growth we require to support Canada’s future.

Brett McKenzie

Executive Director GPMC/NMC

Being aligned and tackling the difficult issues while knowing that our industry partner AMCC is there standing shoulder to shoulder with us will prove to be a game-changer for our industry. I am looking forward to the challenges ahead.

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Terry Parker

Executive Director, Building Trades of Alberta

We in the Building Trades of Alberta are proud to work with our partners in the Association of Maintenance Contractors of Canada (AMCC). The association is leading Alberta’s maintenance industry in the right direction.

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