Offering a broad perspective on industry-wide labour issues to keep people working and the economy moving.

AMCC supports members by promoting a safe and productive workforce, transparent communications and effective government, stakeholder and labour relations driven by integrity.

We share clear and direct information with members to inform labour relations and ensure a productive and professional approach to collective bargaining. As advocates for the maintenance industry, we are a respected voice to discuss industry issues with owners, contractors, unions, workers, industry partners and regulatory authorities.

AMCC’s 2024 Priorities

Labour Relations

AMCC ensures members are informed about labour relations and supports a productive and professional approach to collective bargaining.

We’ll do so by: 

"AMCC's approach to labor relations is forward-looking and action oriented. We proactively address labour demand and consider a holistic view of labour supply, all while ensuring alignment with our stakeholders, including the unions. Through well-informed practices, we support productive and professional collective bargaining for our members' benefit."

Member Communications

While it’s critical that our members are informed on government, bargaining and grievance activities that impact them, it’s equally important to ensure these activities are clearly interpreted and applied equitably and fairly.

We’ll do so by:

"In a landscape with numerous fragmented efforts, AMCC assumes the pivotal role of integrator, adeptly building bridges with members, government and stakeholders. Through this cohesive alliance, we empower maintenance contractors to navigate challenges collectively and advocate for the industry's interests with a resounding, unified voice."

Government and Stakeholder Relations

Understanding how industry goals align with government and stakeholder motivations is at the core of AMCC’s mission. We ensure that our membership stays ahead with up-to-date intelligence about policy shifts on the horizon, advocating for your needs while building lasting relationships with key decision-makers.

We’ll do so by:

"Our goal is to provide a unified voice for maintenance contractors, allowing us to create impactful changes for the betterment of our sector. Together, with a single voice, we can drive positive transformation and advocate for our collective interests."