Building a safe, productive and respected industry

AMCC advocates for Canada’s maintenance contractors, drawing attention to the maintenance industry’s economic impact against the backdrop of regulatory complexities, changing industry dynamics, technological advancements and workforce challenges.

Our Services

With AMCC by your side, you can navigate the complexities of the maintenance industry with confidence. Our members benefit from exceptional professional support, insight on public policies, regulatory monitoring, industry communications, sector awareness and promotion, labour relations, attraction, retention and workplace best practices.

Monitoring and Information Sharing

As public policies, regulations and labour frameworks directly influence our members’ work, we take a proactive stance in keeping them informed and connected. We keep you updated on decisions that could impact the maintenance construction industry, the collective bargaining process and the broader economy, safeguarding your interests and empowering informed decision-making.

Promoting our Members’ Interests

AMCC provides a strong and respected voice to address essential industry matters that extend beyond the collective bargaining process. Our active engagement with owners, contractors, unions, workers, industry partners, and regulatory authorities enables us to effectively advocate for our members’ concerns, driving positive change and progress throughout the industry.

Labour Relations

In Labour Relations, our expertise lies in preparation and effective communication among all parties. We wield influence in the pre-negotiation phase, laying the groundwork for success. With precise interpretations and standardized practices, we ensure clarity in agreements and regulations. Our proactive approach extends to grievance avoidance, where we promote accountable workplaces.

Workplace Best Practices

AMCC contractors prioritize safety and expertise, providing the most experienced and secure workforce. Our commitment to excellence ensures top-notch workplace standards, fostering a culture of productivity and efficiency. We actively share essential information about best practices with our members, empowering them to implement cutting-edge approaches that maintain a safe work environment.

Labour Retention and Attraction

Our members take pride in offering first-choice opportunities to the unionized workforce, creating job sites that are not only safer but also highly attractive to workers. By providing an environment that prioritizes safety, professionalism and fairness, our members keep skilled workers engaged and committed until the job is completed successfully.