March 21, 2024 - Government Relations

Budget 2024 Highlights the Critical Need for Labour Strategies to Support Alberta’s Maintenance Industry

The Government of Alberta’s Budget 2024 offered some positive news for Association of
Maintenance Contractors of Canada and our industry partners with several initiatives designed
to meet the province’s short and long-term labour market needs. These initiatives include more
funding to increase apprenticeship seats, an incentive program to attract workers in high-
demand skilled trades attraction strategies, in addition to the ongoing support for training and
labour development programs.

Through Budget 2024, the Alberta government is planning to invest an additional $24 million per
year over the next three years to create 3,200 apprenticeship seats at 11 post-secondary
institutions across the province. These additional seats offer additional training capacity in our
post-secondary system for apprentices, which augments the workforce development occurring
in our union led training centres.

Budget 2024 also includes $10 million for a new ‘Alberta is Calling’ Attraction Bonus. This one-
time initiative will provide a $5,000 refundable tax credit to those working in high demand trades
who move to Alberta this spring. Eligible recipients of the bonus must work full-time in a certain
occupation, file their 2024 taxes in Alberta, and live in the province for at least 12 months.
Additionally, the budget notes that the federal government provides about $317 million per year
in labour market development transfers. These transfers fund valuable programming from
apprenticeships at post-secondary institutions, Indigenous employment and training initiatives,
to programs for differently abled individuals. 
With an economy that is, once again, forecasted to be among the national leaders in economic
growth, Alberta is in fierce competition with other provinces for skilled labour. Provinces across
Canada are investing heavily in labour attraction and training strategies. For example, the B.C.
budget includes $228 million over three years to continue the StrongerBC: Future Ready Action
Plan to address labour gaps. Last week Saskatchewan’s Premier Scott Moe launched Building
the Workforce for a Growing Economy: the Saskatchewan Labour Market Strategy. This
strategy outlines how the province will ensure Saskatchewan residents benefit from the jobs our
economy is creating, and that Saskatchewan employers have access to the workforce they
need to succeed. 

Alberta must be aggressive in finding the workers to fill key jobs in our maintenance industry
which is essential to ensure our province’s resource revenue stream. In 2024, Alberta will
require $17 billion in natural resource revenues to balance its books. Every projected dollar of
resource revenue wealth earned is critical to support the mounting costs of the province’s
fundamental expenses, such as healthcare and infrastructure. AMCC members are working
hard to preserve and maintain the industrial facilities which reliably generate these revenues.
Budget 2024 highlights how critical our industry – and our workforce – is to the future well-being
of the province. AMCC members are proud to play our part in maintaining our province’s
economic success and stability. We will continue to be strong advocates with the Alberta
government to improve the programs and services that support our workers and our industry.