September 11, 2023 - Testimonials

Building Trades of Alberta Partnership

We in the Building Trades of Alberta are proud to work with our partners in the Association of Maintenance Contractors of Canada (AMCC). The association is leading Alberta’s maintenance industry in the right direction in many ways.

The AMCC understands that the safest and most productive workforces are made by experience and expertise. This is why they offer services that are cost-competitive over time, use the right people and materials, and reduce wasted time for rework and call-backs. AMCC contractors reduce costs and increase site productivity for owners and stakeholders every time. 

For our skilled unionized tradespeople, AMCC members offers first-choice opportunities. Their contractors share our commitment to safety. They work to ensure that every job site is safe, secure and attractive to workers so they want to stay on site until the job is done. 

Finally, we appreciate the AMCC’s fulfillment of its commitment to promote productive labour relations. By offering transparent information to their members, they ensure that their contractors are able to engage professionally in collective bargaining. They understand that the most productivity is achieved when both the employer and the workers are treated fairly. 

The Building Trades of Alberta is proud to call the AMCC’s members our partners and we look forward to continuing to work with them.

Terry Parker  - Executive Director, Building Trades of Alberta