November 17, 2023 - Annual Reports

Eventful Inaugural Year for AMCC

Message from the AMCC Board

As we near the end of AMCC’s first year as an association, we’d like to thank everyone who contributed their efforts to help us successfully launch the organization. We especially thank those who shared their thoughts through interviews and surveys in the early days as we worked to shape the Association and those who participated in our first ever AGM and members’ meeting. Your time and insights are essential to building an organization that meets the needs of maintenance contractors across the country.

We must also extend a special thank you to AMCC’s Acting President Shandra Linder for her extensive contributions in 2023 and look forward to her continued leadership. Please read her report below to see how far the Association has come in just one year under her direction. A year ago, the AMCC was just an idea. No structure, no resources, no business plan. 

Now that we have built the foundation for the organization, AMCC is turning our energy and resources on the delivery of services for our member companies. Our plans for 2024 include outreach with potential members in British Columbia, Ontario, Manitoba, and the Atlantic provinces. As well as commencing work with our Alberta member companies to strategize bargaining for the 2025 GPMC/NMC agreements.

The Board looks forward to an exciting year ahead as we grow and refine our services for members in the contracting industry.    

Ken Sandmoen
AMCC Board Chair
Vice President Northern Region

Jason McNamara
AMCC Vice Chair
Vice President Operations, Industrial Maintenance
Stuart Olson Industrial Inc.