September 11, 2023 - Testimonials

Industry-wide collaborations lead to best-in-class results

For many years the Maintenance Industry was the “poor cousin” to construction; maintenance was viewed to be the fill-in between long-term construction projects. That is no longer the situation; there are fewer and fewer long-term construction projects but there are now numerous projects maintaining and enhancing the current built infrastructure. In this new reality there is an imperative to deal professionally and urgently with those workplace issues that have plagued maintenance/construction for many years. There is a need for world-class safety, a world-class workforce development system, and world-class problem-solving systems.

AMCC is a major step in moving these issues forward; owners, contract, labour unions and workers deserve nothing less and the value that can flow to the stakeholders above and beyond the collective bargaining process is unlimited. AMCC presents a unified voice to partner with owners and unions to achieve such ends. It is not too much to say that this is the first step in achieving reliable, safe, and consistent capacity within the Canadian heavy industrial maintenance sphere. This first step ought to lead to industry-wide collaborations that produces best-in-class results and results that are second to none anywhere in the world!

Bob Blakely - Blakely + Dushenski Legal Counsel