September 11, 2023 - Maintenance Industry

Uniting Maintenance Contractors

Building trades maintenance contractors performed over 23 million workforce hours across Canada under the GPMC/NMC Agreements in 2022. While the number of hours has varied over the years, building trades maintenance work has far surpassed new construction activity in the past decade.

However, maintenance contractors have not had a united organization in which to create strategic partnerships, support labour relations, interpret and influence policy and regulations, collaborate or improve the heavy industrial community in which they work.

In past decades when maintenance discussions were needed around bargaining position, grievance management and general collective agreement, interpretations were managed by a small group of contractors through direct communication with the GPMC/NMC.

Over the last 10 years, the number of contractors working under these agreements has grown significantly and the ability to communicate or work together effectively has been hindered by the lack of organization.  During this time, it became clear that more support was needed for labour relations management, collective agreement comprehension, industry-related concerns regarding workforce and workplaces, and more. The creation of the AMCC will provide member companies with much needed support.

AMCC is bringing members together to improve outcomes for owners and member companies. We’ve listened to owners and members, consulted with stakeholders and identified strategic priorities that are expected to yield significant cost efficiencies over the next few years.

The creation of the AMCC will allow the contractors to focus efforts and maximize finances and effectiveness through the facilitation of the following: